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Primal Grinds and Mixes

Why are some Primal products in chub form?
Primal offers two different types of chubs. We have our Grinds and our Mixes. Think of the mixes and grinds as tools in your raw feeding program. Each offers something a little different, to compliment and supplement our complete diet formulas.

What are the differences between Grinds & Mixes?
Primal Grinds are a combination of muscle meat, organ meat and ground bone. They do not contain any produce. Primal Mixes are a combination of the muscle meat, organ meat, ground bone and they have the addition of fresh, organic produce. Neither the Mix, nor the Grind contain our added natural supplements. Both are labeled for supplemental feeding only.

Why would I want to add in a product that is intended for supplemental feeding only?
By adding both the Grinds and Mixes into your feeding program you can achieve two very important benefits. First of all, both are available in protein sources not offered in our complete formulas. By adding in more protein varieties, you will increase the benefits of a rotational diet, and give your pet a diet which most closely mimics a diet in the wild. The second, very important benefit is cost. The Grinds and Mixes are available in both a 2# and 5# chub. Because of the differences in production needs, the costs of these chubs are significantly less than that of the complete diets. You can supplement 15-20% of your pet’s total diet with the Grinds and Mixes and save on your budget, while elevating your pet’s health. For example, feed a bag or two of the nuggets or patties, and then feed a chub, then another bag of the nuggets.

I am used to the convenience of the nuggets and patties. How will I managed a 2-pound chub?
It is actually very easy to manage once you break it down into smaller portions. First partially thaw the chub in cool water till it is just soft enough to saw through. You can use either a serrated knife, or a small hack saw. Take the two pounds and cut it in half. Now you have two, one pound pieces. Cut these in half, now you have four half pound pieces, and so on. By doing this, you basically make your own portioned feedings. Separate the newly sized portions into ziplock baggies and refreeze till needed. This works equally as well on the five pound chubs. Once you start incorporating the chubs into your pet’s diet, you will find it not only beneficial and cost effective, but also easy.

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